Fancy Tote Bags

Okay, here's a little break from the buttercup bags. I made tote bags for my niece and nephews that live in New York. I figured out the patterns myself.

We celebrated Christmas on Thanksgiving when they came down to visit for a few days. We bought books from the bookstore I work at and put them in the bags. Connor, the youngest, loved the bag so much. He wasn't sure if the bag was his to keep...he knew that the books were...he just wasn't quite sure about the bag. He kept asking if he could take it home...he even asked me to take it to his mommy so she would remember to bring it home!

Here's Connor's bag. He loves Thomas the Tank!
Here's Rachael's bag, very girly. (And yes, it's the same fabric from the Mommy & Me Buttercup Bags from the previous post)
And here's Adam's. He loves army stuff, so it's camouflage fabric.

I'm told that they love using them to tote around their books and toys when they go on trips.
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