Fancy Spring Top

Yay!! I am finally caught up! I have posted all of my old projects since I began this journey. I feel like I have learned lots, and am getting better. And more confident. I branched out and tried my hand at an item of clothing. This is the second wearable thing I have ever made. The first being a pair of pajama pants I made when I took a costuming class in college.

This project is my first top, and I am quite proud of it. It's Made By Rae's Spring Ruffle Top (minus the ruffles) that can be found over at Sew Mama Sew. Can you tell I love Made By Rae's stuff? She makes the neatest things, I especially love all the tops she makes, I just wish she had patterns for more of them. I posted this top a few days ago on Facebook, but here it is again. I commented that I was ready for Spring so that I could wear it. I need to be brave and make something with sleeves.

Okay, here it is!! What do you think?

Cute, huh? I will probably have a new post tomorrow as I just finished making something cute for a cute girl.
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