Fancy Birthday and Christmas Presents!

As promised, here's are some of my Buttercup Bags! The first one is my first one at a larger size and my first one with a zipper. It is 129% bigger than the original Made by Rae Buttercup bag. There's a turtorial at I made this on for my friend Alexis for her birthday! (and I'm excited to see that Alexis is my first follower!! Hi Alexis!)

Here' a detail shot:
The inside (don't worry, I trimmed the threads before giving it to her):
Here's the whole purse! Complete with an extra long strap:

This is one that I made for my sister Rebecca for Christmas. She picked out the dotted material, but didn't know what kind of bag I was making for her. I added the striped material, they were next to each other at Hobby Lobby. :-)

Here's a detail shot:
Here's the interior...the stripes almost lined up!!:

Here's the whole bag!:
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  1. Oh! I so recognize that purse! Nicely done! :)