Fancy Messenger Bag

Here's my first attempt at a messenger bag...with a zipper!!! This is my first zipper ever and I'm pretty proud! I used a combination of 2 tutorials from to help me out. I mostly used this one TUTORIAL: messenger bag with zippered divider (many pics) with the gusset idea from this one messenger bag with gusset tutorial. I like how it turned out. Please ignore the fact that it is wrinkly, I washed it and didn't feel like ironing it again.

First, here's a peek at the main fabric:

Here's my first zipper!! (isn't it pretty?):
Here's two pics of the inside. Zipper closed and zipper open:
Here's the whole bag open (I had some snap issues):

Here it is closed:
This bag seemed like it took forever, but I learned so much, so it was a good project for me. Ok, next post will be the start of the Buttercup bags I made for Christmas presents!

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