Fancy Accessories!

Here's a few random small things I have made. These are in no particular order. Most of them live inside my purse.
First a shot of some ric-rac because it is awesome:

Somewhere between making the messenger bag and all of those Buttercup bags, I attempted make a wallet. it's is far from perfect, but it works for me. I hammered on the top snap piece before I was supposed to, but it turned out ok. I burnt it a little bit when I ironed it. Hey, it's a learning process. :-) You can tell it has been well used, it has started to take on the shape of the stuff it was holding. I do have to say pounding on the snap was quite fun!!
Here's some more recent things I made. A little zipper pouch and a Garmin cozy!!

Here they are open:
Look, the garmin cozy is reversible!!

And here's another Buttercup Bag. This is one I made for me from some fat quarters I got at Wal*mart for $1 each. In fact, all of these projects were made from fat quarters from Wal*mart.
I am almost caught up with posting everything I have made since I started this adventure a few months ago. Thanks for looking!!
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