Pink Polka Dot Ruffle Butt Pants!!!

I have been working on Christmas/Birthday presents, so there hasn't been too much that I can blog about.  But I did make myself a new purse that I need to share with all of you but today I am sharing with you more baby sewing!  I used Made By Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants pattern again to make these adorable pink polka dot pants:

Now these aren't just any ordinary pink polka dot pants, no sir!  These are pink polka dot ruffle butt pants!!

Rae has on option on her pattern to add knit ruffles, but I wanted to use the same material that I used for the pants to make the ruffles.  And I decided to stop after 3 ruffles.  I love the results!  I think every little girl needs a pair of ruffle butt pants, don't you?

Basically what I did was made a tube out of the fabric and pressed it flat.  I gathered the top edge of it using  the longest stitch length I had on my machine (4) and set the thread tension to the highest number (9).  This created an instant ruffle.  I pinned it to the rear panel and stitched it along the gathered stitches.  I used Rae's suggested placement for the ruffles.  Then I continued to follow the pattern as normal.  Check out these cute ruffles!
  I can't get enough of them!  I will be making more of these!  I figure these pants will go great with a cute onsie.
Thanks for looking!