Fall excitment!

 Good afternoon blog readers (if I have any left).  I'm embarrassed that I have posted anything in about 3 months.  I've been so tired lately...... because I'm pregnant!!  I have finally got some energy back and hopefully that means more craftiness!  :-)  We are also in the middle of doing some remodeling/rearranging to make room for the baby, so  I still may not post all that often.  But it will be easier to because our internet connection is faster (YAY!)  I do have several projects that I haven't posted that I can share with you while I am creating new things to blog about.  

I am very excited about fall.  So excited that I bought some cheap fall fabric at Wal-Mart to play with!
I have to say that these fabrics sure do make me feel crafty!  What should I make?  Well, I have some ideas...but I'm not going to tell you!  What do you think I should make?   

I promise not to go 3 months without a post without giving some kind of warning first.  Thanks for reading (if there's anyone out there)  :-)