Fancy matching Buttercup Bags

You guessed it, more buttercup bags!! First, I have a Mommy & Me set that I made for my sister-in-law Katie and her daughter/my cute sweet niece, Cecilia. Katie's purse has 2 straps and my first attempt at handmade piping. Cecilia's has store bought piping. They both feature fabric covered buttons. I love the large paisley one on the small on.

Here's one view:

Here's a second view of them:

Here's some close up shots of the Mommy & Me purses:

Next, here's the purses I made for my older sister Stephanie and my mother-in-law Joy. The brown and blue paisley worked for both of them, so I figured it would be okay if they matched. It's not likely that the purses will ever be seen together, except for here. :-)

Here's a detail shot of Joy's purse:

I made little birdies for Stephanie's. She love birds.
Here's a full shot of both of them:

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