Spring Top Entry #3

Hi! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I meant to post this top sooner, but I have been playing outside too much! I love Spring when everything is blooming and turning green! I just want to go outside and enjoy it in my new spring tops! :-) This one is probably my favorite top so far. I got the fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It's another one of their thin knits that I love. I used a shirt from my closet to make the pattern again. I started buying patterns to try out, so you will be seeing new things on here very soon. I started a top using a New Look pattern, but I don't like the sleeves, so if I get around to fixing them, I'll post that one. And I got distracted by a cute dress that I just had to make for my niece, Cecilia! (What can I say, I couldn't help myself!!) You will see that in my next post, which I will post soon, I promise!

OK, here's a side by side of the original on the left (stripes) and my version on the right (dots):

Mine doesn't have any buttons and the neckline is a little higher. I love this shirt! (I know I keep saying that with each thing I make, but I really feel that I am improving with each project and this excites me!) I also love this fabric. I went back and got more to make a tank top or something else cute.

Here's my nature shot:

And here's my close-up that I will use for my entry in the Flickr pool for Spring Top Week:
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Thanks for looking. I promise to post again soon!!

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