Spring Top Week Entry #1

I am very excited!!! I finished my first entry for Spring Top Week over at Made by Rae! I actually finished it Thursday and wore it to work. I'm very proud of it. Why so proud? I created the pattern myself from a shirt that I had in my closet. And this is my first top with sleeves, a collar, and buttons. And, I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby in the clearance section for $3!

First, here's a side-by-side comparison of the 2 shirts. The shirt I used to create my pattern is the pink on the left and my creation is the lavender one on the right:

Some construction notes:
I used my little bias tape maker to make the trim on the sleeves and the hem of the shirt. For the button and Button-hole placket I folded the fabric over a few times and top-stitched it down. I used the buttonhole feature on my machine for the cute buttonholes and for the first time ever I used my machine to attach the buttons! It was so easy. You find a zigzag stitch that is wide enough to go back and forth between the holes and you make sure to change the length to zero.

Here's some close-ups shots. 1) My awesome collar, 2) & 3) the bias-tape I made for the hem and the sleeves, and 4) a beautiful button:

And here's the Front and Back of the shirt on me! What do you think? I love the seam that goes across the back. That was on the original shirt, I wanted to make sure I had that detail on my version. Yes I changed hairstyles in between pics. I wanted to make sure you could see the awesome collar :-)

Here's the pic I am going to add to the Spring Top Week Flickr photo pool:
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Voting will take place during the first week of May. I hope you all will be sure to vote for the best spring top!

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Your shirt came out great! That's so awesome that you used another shirt as the pattern. Nicely done!

  2. Thanks! I had never made anything like this before. I'm really happy that I made something wearable and cute! It was a great learning experience.