Sunday Sewing

I had a pretty good sewing day.  I made Rick another pair of PJ shorts.  I realized I never posted the first pair I made so I'll show both of them to you now.  The grey pair was made on my sewing machine and the green pair was made on my serger.  They are both made using a jersey knit from Joann's.  I used stretch stitches on my sewing machine on the grey pair.  On the green pair I used a three thread over-lock stitch on the seams and a flat-lock on the waistband and hem.  
OK, enough about the stitches, here's a picture!!

I also finally made my sister's shirt that I promised her.  She loves this pink tank top so much that she wanted another one.  Her only request was for it to have wider straps.  I found the fabric at Wal-Mart and it screamed Rebbie!!  It's a thin knit with stripes of red, grey and yellow dots.  I made the pattern using her shirt and I got to used my serger on it (did I mention that I love my new serger!?!?)

Here's my usual side by side of the before and after:

Here's a close-up so you can see the awesome fabric:
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I'll update later with some pictures of the shirt on my sister.  I think she likes it.  :-)

Spring Top Week officially starts tomorrow over at Made By Rae.  New tops will be posted each day (Mon-Fri) so be sure to check so you can vote for for your favorite!  I hope you pick mine if I'm am lucky enough to be in the top 50!!  There were so many great entries this year.  I'm just happy that I completed my 5 tops.

Here's my five tops again.  I like seeing them all lined up!

All in all, today was a pretty good day.  Thanks for looking!!

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