Fancy Shirred Top

I finally got around to try shirring. It was much easier than I thought it would be! You just load elastic thread on the bobbin by hand and use regular thread on top. Also, I used a longer stitch length. I tried it out on a piece of fabric that I wouldn't be too sad if I messed up horribly. I made a simple top out of my practice fabric.

My new shirred top!:

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(I looked really tired, so my head is missing). I really like this top...I plan on making more. And maybe a sundress or 2! I'm going to be ready for warm weather. I might make this a Spring Top Week entry. I see what I have made when Rae starts accepting entries. Click on the Spring Top Week button in the side bar for more info.

It's supposed to be nice tomorrow, hopefully it is, because I want to play outside!
Thanks for looking!!

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