Fancy Bible Box!

That's right, the post is titled Fancy Bible Box! I got the box at work, it had a bargain bible in it. I knew that it would be useful for me, but I needed to fancy it up a bit. I promise that this is sewing related.

Here's the Bible Box:
First things first, I filled in the engraving with some stuff called "sculpt or coat" I got at as a sample at USITT (a tech theatre expo thingy for the non-theatre type people). I was glad to see that it was still good, and not all dried up. I thought it would be fun if the box had some texture. Well, after all the coats of paint I put on it, there wasn't much texture left, but that's OK. next I painted the box bright pink and then I painted stripes on it using masking tape to guide me.

This what the box looked like at that point:
Then I put strips of masking tape going in the other direction:
I painted more pretty colors. I wonder how it's going to turn out??

Pretty!! I finished with some varnish. What will I use this pretty box for??It's a thread box!! See, this was a sewing project!

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