Boppy Time!!

Since I’m iced/snowed in today I decided to knock at least one thing off my to sew list.  This morning I made a cover for the Boppy Pillow I bought at Joann’s.  Well, they don’t call it a Boppy since that is a brand name…they call it a Nurture Nest.  I was so excited to find it on sale for less than $10 a few weeks ago!!  I believe a real Boppy  costs around $30 and then you have to buy a cover for at least $10-$15.   Bonus:  I got the fabric for the cover out of the remnant bin!  I love when projects come together for so little money!!

Here’s my Boppy!!


The front is a cozy flannel:


And the back is cotton:


The cover is easily removed since it has an invisible zipper attached to the back seam.  I will probably make a few more covers.  A pattern for the cover was included on the packaging for the pillow.  It also suggests a couple of Simplicity patterns if you prefer one of those.  I think one of them may use Velcro instead of a zipper, but the zipper was actually pretty easy… I just followed the instructions on the package.  On to more baby projects!!

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