Lady Bug Jammies

I have definitely caught the sewing baby clothes bug!  They are so cute and don't take much time and I get excited with the completion of project thinking about how cute it will look on my daughter in a few months!  Last night  I finished up a cute set of baby jammies.  You might recognize the material from the PAJAMA PANTS I made for myself earlier this year when I taught Rick how to sew.   I made these tiny jammies from material I had left over.  The material is a cozy soft flannel that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Tiny Jammies!

I used the pattern called  Lucy's Kimono from HEATHER ROSS'S WEEKEND SEWING.  It was so easy to make.  I think I will have to make more!  When I showed it to my mom, she said this style of top was her favorite for a little baby because you don't have to pull it over their head.  In fact, she made some for us girls when we were little babies.  If I can find a picture, I may share.

Here it is with the top flap open.  I may use Velcro for the inside flap instead of a bow so that there is less bulk and I can be extra lazy :-) 

All bundled up!  All that is missing is a cute baby!

The pants were made using the BIG BUTT BABY PANTS from MADE BY RAE again.  This time I added the optional fold-up cuffs.  I used the 0-3 month size to go with the sizing of the kimono.  I love the little lady bugs!

Big Butt Baby Pants!  One cuff is folded up and the other down so you can see the options available:

And here's the back view:

I can't wait to try these on my daughter in February.  Ooh!  she just kicked me in excitement!  Now I have to decide what to sew next.  There are so many great patterns and tutorials out there.  What shall I make next?

As always, thanks for looking!!

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